Immuno RS

Immuno RS

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Immuno RS

High-risk periods



Horses are protected from viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other harmful agents by their immune system. The latest scientific advances show that horses with weakened immunity or living in conditions which foster loss of form (frequent competitions, excessive training, frequent changes in stable mates) require appropriate nutritional support.

IMMUNO RS is a nutritional supplement made by Laboratoires AUDEVARD. It is designed to provide appropriate nutritional support to foals and horses whose usual routine is disturbed by training, competitions, travel, etc., and for suceptible horses. Enriched with plants (e.g. Echinacea) IMMUNO RS is particularly recommended ahead of high-risk periods (winter, intensive training, relocation, etc).


IMMUNO RS’ innovative formula contains echinacea and now includes Glucafeed®, a B-glucan produced via a specific and unique fermentation and extraction process. This unique production method is what makes this ingredient so beneficial in nutritional supplementation for horses during high-risk seasons. The new IMMUNO RS formula is enhanced by the antioxidant properties of vitamins A, C and E, and zinc and selenium chelates.

What users say...

IMMUNO RS is particularly appreciated by professionals who like to give their horses vitamin C at the beginning of winter. Thanks to its innovative formula, IMMUNO RS helps make horses more resistant during high-risk periods

Our advice

Help your customers plan ahead for high-risk periods for young foals, overtrained horses, and in the event of changes to a horse’s environment. Advise them to give horses being introduced to a new environment a 10-day to three-month course of IMMUNO RS

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