Filete Royal rider oliva flexible

Filete Royal rider oliva flexible

50.00 €

Código: HF0122
Marca: Royal Rider

Royal Rider's bit range features eggbutt checkpieces and a durable material made from high-resistance, food-grade plastic resin.

The polymer cannot be attacked by atmospheric or bacterial agents, making Royal Rider bits very safe and hygienic.

The ergonomics of the mouthpieces focuses specifically on the flexible central section, which adapts perfectly to the horse's mouth conformation, leaving space for the tongue without compromising the palate.

Inside, the flexible part is reinforced with a steel cable that provides stability and greater safety. The goal of this new product is to promote a new sensitive style of bitting that pays particular attention to the horse, maintaining maximum efficiency and preserving its well-being.

The Royal Rider plastic resin Bit is an innovative product, with functional characteristics that challenge the traditional steel and titanium mouthpieces.

It is particularly advantageous for horses that are sensitive and young.

It is very low maintenance, being easy to wash with water, without losing any mechanical and aesthetic features.

Supplied in two colors and three measures of 125cm, 135cm and 145cm.

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