Equisept 50 X 100 gr

Equisept 50 X 100 gr
Código: PR0231
Marca: TRM
EQUISEPT is a broad-spectrum disinfectant in a new, easy-to-use tablet format. It readily dissolves in water to provide a powerful disinfectant solution.

Safe, efficient, economical, non-toxic and biodegradable, EQUISEPT has been developed through close collaboration with the Irish Equine Centre, an organisation that provides laboratory services for the diagnosis, management and prevention of diseases in horses.

EQUISEPT has exceptional efficacy against Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi (& Mycotoxins) and is highly active against a wide range of infections such as Streptococcus equi (Strangles), Salmonella, Influenza, Rotavirus, Trichophyton (Ringworm), Aspergillus & others. It is designed for the regular disinfection of all surfaces and atmospheres with which horses come in contact including stables (floors, walls, doors), horse boxes/transport, feeding and drinking equipment, overhead/field water tanks, drinking lines, footwear baths, brushes, pathways etc. Application is by spray, wash and atmospheric fogging.

In particular, fungi and mycotoxins (produced by fungi) are now being regularly implicated in Poor Performance Syndromes in horses. Fungi and their spores are everywhere in nature, even in apparently normal hay and straw and can contaminate all surfaces and atmospheres in stables. The Irish Equine Centre has clearly established a definite correlation between fungal infections and those syndromes which affected animals may display: COPD, Enteritis, Liver Damage, Inability to Perform, Capillary Fragility, Infertility etc. EQUISEPT is designed to control fungi and spores on contact surfaces and in the environment.

Indications for Use

Clean first! It is not possible to disinfect dirt so, before disinfection remove all dirt and debris; scrape and brush all surfaces (vacuum if necessary); then power wash or use a power nozzle from the mains water supply.

Areas of Use

All surfaces (floors, walls, doors, etc.), Feeding/Drinking Equipment, Stables, Transport, Footwear Baths, Rubber Boots, Brushes, Water Tanks and Drinking Lines, Bulk Silos.


EQUISEPT is presented as a 10g effervescent tablet (containing 5g Troclosene Sodium (NaDCC) - (the active ingredient).

Normal Use Rate
300 ppm available chlorine
50 tablets in 500 L water
5 tablets in 50 L water
1 tablets in 10 L water

Double Use Rate
(Porous Surfaces / First Time Users)
600 ppm available chlorine
100 tablets in 500 L water
10 tablets in 50 L water
2 tablets in 10 L water

Application By
Power -Spray, Back-pack Spray, EquiSept-soaked cloths or Atmospheric Fogging


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